Humorous Speech & the Power of Intention

I am a Toastmaster and proud of it. I not only hone my speaking skills through Toastmasters but I also belong to a club that is very supportive and full of wonderful people. A real family kind of gathering.

We meet on Friday mornings and we call ourselves the “Yawn Patrol.” This morning our meeting was a “humorous speech contest” so that we could select a member of our club to compete in the district “humorous speech contest.”DSC_0055

I volunteered to be one of the speakers, not so much because I am funny, although I can be, but because I have one more speech in the manual I am working on and it is called, “the Humorous Speech.” So I thought I would enter the contest and fulfill my project in the manual all in one fell swoop. Is that multi-tasking?

Here is the first thing I did. I made an ‘intention’ to come up with a funny speech and it would be well received by the group. I visualized me giving my speech and also I could see the audience laughing and having a good time. That is all I did because I had no idea what my speech would be about. I only know that as a ‘master creator’ one of the first things you can do to manifest your desires is to make a positive intention about your desire and let the universe work on it for a while and it will bring it to you at the right and perfect time. Never fails.

Well, I trust the process because I have used it for so long now that I know it works as long as I have faith in the process through understanding the immutable laws of the universe that govern all of creation.

Just like clockwork an idea came to me while I was fiddling on the computer and I picked out the idea and put my attention on it because I also use the ‘law of attraction’ to bring to me what I put my attention on. So the more I put my attention on this idea the more positive thinking I had about the content of my speech. I kept playing with it and fine-tuning it and in no time at all I had what I considered a pretty funny speech that fit within the guidelines of my overall message of love, oneness and creation.

The gist of the speech was the idea of being ‘addicted to thinking’ and speaking about it along the same lines as being ‘addicted to drinking.’ It lent itself well to creating a speech that had humor and a good message. That’s what I like to include in all my speeches. That’s the power of intention at work as well as the law of attraction.

When it came time for me to speak I once again visualized me delivering a great speech and the audience laughing and having a good time. I got up and gave the speech using all of my Toastmasters speaking skills and the speech came off really well. Everybody was laughing and having a good time and I was totally in control of the speech at all times, just like I intended.

Well, guess what, I won the ‘humorous speech contest’ and so now I can hone the speech even more and deliver it at the district speech contest. Lots of fun, but the message I want to get across here is that in order to manifest what you desire first put out an intention to the universe about how you want your desire to look as an ‘end result.’ Then just let the universe go to work and wait for the solution to come to you.

Use your imagination and create a vision in your mind of what the ‘end result’ looks like to you. Hold that vision and keep moving toward the ‘end result.’ The universe will guide you and then use the law of attraction to gather information that will enhance your journey. You must make the journey to get to the ‘end result.’ It truly is the journey where you experience life.

Enjoy the journey and always keep the ‘end result’ in mind.

Live in love,

Richard D. Blackstone

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