Lessons on the River

I am so blessed to live by a river. There is amazing energy when it comes to water and when the water comes in the form of a river the energy is truly palpable at times.

It is mid-July as I write this and the days here are long and hot, into the 90’s, which is pretty warm in this part of the country. So taking a ride on the river has a lot of great advantages right now, not the least of which is to cool off a little and take in the nature that comes along with this assignment.

So a friend from out of town is visiting and we decide to float down the river from the nearest point of entry to the south, which is a bridge at Creswell. It is about 4 miles on the odometer from my house to the bridge. Only about 4 miles as the crow flies, which I came to find out is different than that same four miles on a meandering river. I still figure it will be about two to two and a half hours. Give or take.

Coast Fork of Willamette River

Coast Fork of Willamette River

Let the floating commence. We started out in a very slow part of the river and then got to our first rapids that kind of shot us down the river and I reaffirmed my assessment of having a leisurely ride down the river.  And that is exactly the way it was for the first three hours. Just beautiful and warm and lots and lots of birds and nature to look at and appreciate.

By my reckoning we had to be very close to my house where we would take our ‘inner tubes’ out of the water and do our high fives. Well, one river bend turned into another river bend and nothing looked familiar and then the sun started going down over the trees. It is one thing to be floating down the river in the sunshine and quite another when you are in the shade. All of a sudden it is cold and then it is not quite so fun.

But it was funny. We had to keep laughing and making fun to keep our spirits up as the river bends kept coming but we were not close to home yet. The standing joke was that “I think the house is right around the next bend.” Ha ha. NOT.

We started shivering and then we started doing the backstroke on our inner tubes so that we could get down the river faster. Yahoo, it soon became an obsession of necessity to get as far as we could as fast as we could so that we could get out of the river and warm up.

‘Hey, I think it is right around the next bend.’ And finally, we were right. What a welcome site to see my house sitting on the river bank and pulling into the little beach where we could take the ‘inner tubes’ out of the water and then drag ourselves out as well. Wow, that was one wonderful feeling to be back on dry land where we could warm up and get some grub.

But first it was a lot of howling laughter as we danced around in the warm sunlight of the deck. The shivering stopped and the glow of the river showed in our faces as we high fived and headed to the hot shower about four and a half hours after we put in upriver.

Here is the deal: Perseverance and total belief that you are going to make it to your destination. No matter where you are going as long as you keep your end result in front of you and persevere in your actions you will reach your goal, no matter what it is that you desire. KNOW that it is already a done deal because it is as long as you BELIEVE it is. Then just keep going. Sometimes you are going to be going through rapids and seem like you are rocketing to your destination and then at other times you are just barely moving and it doesn’t seem like you are making any progress, but you are.

You are in a river, it is called the ‘River of Life’ and the current in the ‘river of life’ is ‘well-being.’ When you stay in the flow of the river you remain in this well being and it always takes you to where you want to go. You absolutely know that as long as you keep your destination in mind and stay in the flow of the river you will get there eventually. Never lose heart in the middle of the journey even when the going seems slow. The flow of well-being will take you to some rapids soon enough as long as you BELIEVE it will.

Faith, Perseverance, and Belief. Go with the flow.

Live in love,

Richard D. Blackstone

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