Life Style Coaching

What is it that separates the Top Producers in any industry, sport or occupation? One word: COACHING.


Coaching for Success

When I was living my life deeply immersed in my conditioning of fear, separation and lack of self worth I still knew that if I wanted to improve my life then I would serve myself best by getting some coaching from somebody who has already done what I wanted to do. At the time it was to be a better Real Estate Sales Person.

I sought out the best coaches in the industry and attended their seminars and bought their material and applied it to my business to improve my business income and thereby improve my life-style. And it worked. I used the information from the coaches to create a business that was very successful in terms of money and service.

When I began the process of transforming my life from one of sleepwalking through life to one of active manifestation of my life I went through the same process. I knew that I could shorten my learning curve exponentially if I sought out and was mentored by coaches who had already been where I wanted to go.

Michael Jordon, one of the best basketball players to ever play the game, attributes all of his stellar success to the coaching he received throughout his college and professional career. If you want to be the best that you can be you will serve yourself by using the services of a coach who can show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

That is why I am so excited to offer “Life Style Coaching” as one of my services. I have been asked by so many people to give them some personal coaching so that they can effect change more easily and quickly. Now that coaching is available to you.

Coaching Gets You There

Coaching Gets You There

If you want change in your life and you want to accelerate the pace of that change then I would love to talk to you about One-on-One Personal Coaching. Please take a minute and look at the short video I have prepared to give you an idea of how I can serve you. Just go to;

Your success in life and your choice of life-style if entirely up to you. If you think that personal coaching is something you are interested in and can benefit from then please check out the above page and then contact me for your FREE Initial Consultation. (Contact information is at the bottom of the page)

Have a wonderful day and smile at somebody. You will be amazed at the wonderful responses you receive and how good you feel at it happens.

Live in love,

Richard D. Blackstone

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