The Sounds of Silence

I woke up this morning to silence. This is quite unusual because every morning for the past couple months I have been waking up to the sound of swallows feeding their chicks. Let me explain:

I live in the country on one of the most beautiful pieces of property in the world. The house is situated on the banks of the Coast Fork of the Willamette River and is very private and secluded. It is ensconced in nature with lots of plants, animals and birds. The river is a natural bird fly-way and I get to see the birds playing all the time.

Coast Fork of Willamette River

Coast Fork of Willamette River

The house that came with the property is a big manufactured home that is quite comfortable until I am ready to build my dream house and take this one out of here. In the meantime I am living here and really like the house. It is roomy and when I step outside my door I can see the river flowing by and the birds playing in the trees.

In the spring the birds start nesting and there are several families of swallows who have found a way to get into the eaves of the house and make their nests in my attic. That is perfectly okay with me because I like the idea of living with the birds in our little ‘bedroom community.’

Once the chicks hatched out a couple months ago I began to wake up to the sounds of the parents coming and going feeding their noisy chicks all morning long. It is not an unpleasant way to wake up; in fact I really enjoyed it. Every morning I can see the parents bringing food in and swooping under the eaves to enter their nursery and feed the hungry squawking chicks.

Well, this morning I woke up to silence. The chicks have all grown to the size and maturity that allowed them to take wing and move on from this temporary habitat. They have all flown the coop in the last couple days and so now I wake up to silence from the bird menagerie.

Such is the nature of nature. Now I can observe in the air what was once a baby chick in my attic and I am so grateful to be witness to the wonder of life as a bird and my relationship to one of the most wonderful creatures in my world.

I am so blessed and I thank the universe for this opportunity to witness my connection to Source Energy in such a wondrous and magnificent manner.

Live in love,

Richard D. Blackstone

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