Your Thoughts Become the Things and Events of Your Life

When you build a house, the first thing you do is build a foundation for the house to sit on. It is the same way with your life. When you build your life you need a foundation for things and event to sit on.

The foundation of everything that happens in your life is your thoughts. This is spirituality information that is critical to anybody who wants to create their life consciously.

Your thoughts are the first step in the creative process and every thought that you ever think is creative at some spiritual level. Your thoughts set in motion the immutable law of the universe known as “The Law of Attraction.” This law tells us that you bring into your life what you put your attention on.

When you think a thought but don’t put much attention on it you have created but at a very low level. When you put a lot of attention on a particular thought and think that thought with a lot of emotion you are creating at a much higher level.

For the person seeking spiritual growth this is the foundation upon which to build the life of your dreams. The key is to keep thinking of what you really desire with emotion and stop thinking the thoughts that don’t serve you to get there.

Use love as your guide and begin to create a very focused vision of what you really desire. Then just keep thinking about your vision and fine tune it as you go along. Remember, it is a journey that always ends in love, so use love as your dominant thought and go create the life of your deepest intentions and desires.

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